Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival

Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival

Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival

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Adrian Ingram’s “Cookbook”

Adrian spent his formative years listening to the guitar and organ groups of the 1960s

He has had a successful guitar playing, and teaching, career including 15 years as Senior Lecturer in Jazz Guitar (CLCM), 14 jazz guitar related publications, 7 cds and 5 dvds, as well as prestigious gigs like; The Flamingo, The Marquee and Ronnie Scotts (London), The Zinc Bar, Birdland and Long Island guitar shows (NY), NAMM and John Pisano’s Guitar Nights (LA).

The group Cookbook grew out of a regular gig in York, with the aim of supporting and paying tribute to HJGS festival headliner Terry Smith, who also had a fantastic organ trio with Bob Stuckley (organ) and Chris Karen (drums) in the 60s

Jez Platt is also a long-time enthusiast of the organ trio, and brings his special brand of soul and funk to the Cookbook.

Paul Smith is everyone’s first-call drummer in West Yorkshire, and adds those Grady Tate, Joe Dukes ingredients with all of the skill and enthusiasm for which he is renowned!


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